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PhotoDisc 21 Illustration Image Art Designer CD- The Background Series: The Painted Canvas by MaryBeth Thielhelm BS21

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Product Description

PhotoDisc 21 Illustration Image Art Designer CD- The Background Series: The Painted Canvas by MaryBeth Thielhelm. (Includes 2 CDs)

This new collection of subtly patterned hand-painted images from MaryBeth Thielhelm expands our popular painted-back-drop offerings. These pleasing backgrounds appear to be lit from within, with color palettes ranging from pastels to earth tones. These extraordinary colorations, along with textures ranging from the geometric to the free flowing, make this an exceedingly usable and funcional disc.

Photodisc Illustration (formerly Artville) is the leading provider of high-quality, royalty-free illustration. They collaborate with renowned illustrators to design, create and perfect illustrations for the creative professional market.

This Illustration CD has all of the inspiring images you need when you need it. You know how the right image can make your design or concept come to life. With PhotoDisc images at your fingertips, you now have access to the ideal images to inspire your best ideas. Technically superior images that save you time. Because each of our digital images is meticulously scanned on state-of-the-art equipment and color corrected, you're assured of seeing the high-quality image you expect, whether your medium is print or online, every time.

Browsing and keyword searching software included.
100 images, each in three file sizes:
High-res files: 28 MB, JPEG, print to 8.5 X 11 at 150-200 line screen
Med-res files: 10 MB, JPEG, print to 5 X 7.5 at 150-200 line screen
Low-res files: 600 k, TIFF

With extreme attention to detail, The Background Series: The Painted Canvas by MaryBeth Thielhelm is a must have!

High Quality Illustration Backgrounds included:
Blue Canvas
Yellow Muslin
Red Linen
Green Canvas
Beige Silk
Gray Canvas
Purple Silk
Gray Canvas
Blue Canvas
Blue Canvas
Marbled Canvas
White Canvas
Brown and Yellow
Green Mottled Canvas Wash
Orange Canvas
Blue to White
Gold and Gray with Stars
Gray Cloudy
Green Canvas
Patina Canvas
Patina Canvas
Green and Gold Mottled Canvas
Gray Muslin
Pink Silk
Tan Canvas
Gray Canvas
Brown Silk
Brown Surface
Yellow Canvas
Silver Textured Canvas
Gray Canvas
Gray Canvas
Gray Canvas
Brown Silk
Brown Surface
Yellow Gray and Silver Mottled Paper
Worn Tan Canvas
Beige Silk
Cracked Wall and Molding
Cloudy Gray Canvas with Fleur de Lis Pattern
Brown and Blue Spots
Black Fade to White
Blue Silk
White Mottled Canvas
Yellow Canvas
Pale Blue Marbled Canvas
White Wood
Worn Pale Green Canvas with Gold
Tan Wood
Yellow Wall
Tan Canvas with Plaster Texture
Red and Gray Canvas Wash
Brown Patina Marbled Canvas
Tan Mottled Canvas
Brown and Gray Mottled Canvas
White Marbled Canvas
Green Mottled Canvas
Brown Canvas Wash
Tan Canvas
Blue Mottled Linen
Blue Textured Canvas
Gray Mottled Canvas
Black and Gold Mottled Canvas
Brown Canvas Wash
Brown Plaster Texture
Gray and Pink Mottled Canvas
Blue Marbled Canvas Wash
Green Canvas Wash
Green and Brown Marbled Canvas Wash
Blue and Silver Textured Canvas
Brown Patina Marbled Canvas
Mottled Tan Canvas
Yellow Plaster Texture on Canvas
Tan Canvas with Plaster Texture
Worn Gray and Green Canvas
Pale Green Canvas Wash with Texture
Worn Red and Green Canvas Wash
Worn Pale Pink Canvas
Worn Gray Canvas
Gray Canvas
Marbled Tan Canvas with Gold
Worn Blue and Gray Canvas Wash
Worn Tan Canvas
Tan Canvas Wash
Tan and Yellow Checkered Canvas
Checkered Yellow Canvas
Brown and Red Canvas
Worn Bright Red and Orange Canvas
Red and Yellow Canvas
Bright Gold and Orange Canvas
Brown Canvas Wash
Brown Marbled Canvas
Brown Canvas Wash
Gold Star

System Recommendations

To take full advantage of the Image Search catalogues, we recommend the following as minimum system requirements. Digital imagery from both our Resource CDs and product discs can be opened in a variety of editing tools available for almost any system.
  • Macintosh: Power Macintosh, Apple system software version 7.6.1 or later,
  • QuickTimeTM 3.0, 32MB of RAM, 50MB of available hard drive space, colour monitor and CD-ROM drive.
  • PC: Pentium processor, Microsoft? Windows? 95 (or Windows NT? 3.5 or later),
  • QuickTime 3.0, 32MB of RAM, 50MB of available hard drive space, colour monitor and CD-ROM drive.

    File Specifications

    Why RGB Files are Preferable to CMYK Files
    Our images are saved in RGB because they are meant to be as versatile as possible for the end user. When an RGB image is converted to CMYK, several factors must be taken into consideration, including paper stock, 4-colour film output device, layout software programs used, types of inks used and special effects intended by you, the designer. We don't want to make these decisions for you. We would rather you have the control in deciding exactly how your images are converted to CMYK.

    Technical Specifications - Vector Files

    Many Artville illustrations are produced digitally using vector illustration software and can be fully scaled within layout applications and edited within vector image editing programs.
    Macintosh and PC: Adobe? Illustrator? EPS format, the enclosed browser displays the Illustrator EPS files.

    Technical Specifications - Bitmap Files

    Each image is drum-scanned and sa ved in RGB. Each piece of artwork undergoes rigorous colour correction to ensure a flawless digital image that matches the original's colour and can be displayed accurately or reproduced in any ICC-compliant colour system.

    File Sizes

    Each file is saved with three resolutions. In general, large resolution files are between 28 and 35MB to accommodate a letter- sized bleed image at 300 dpi. The medium resolution files are exactly one-half as wide and tall as their large size counterparts, also at 300 dpi. The small resolution files are the same print dimensions as the medium resolution files, but at 72 dpi for position-only placement.

    File Compression

    Because the high-resolution images are saved as JPEG images, it is important to note a few important features of JPEG compression. While no image degradation is noticeable after a single compression-decompression cycle, subsequent compressions will begin to soften and otherwise degrade the image integrity. To preserve optimum image quality, it is important to never re-save the images in JPEG format. Depending on the target application and operating system, it is best to save the high-resolution images as TIFF, EPS or another format as either uncompressed files or files employing "lossless" compression such as LZW compression.

    What Can I Do with the Search ServantTM CD?

    The Search ServantTM CD is your resource for searching the entire Artville collection. Once you find the image(s) you like you can access the comps for that image and use it in your initial layouts.
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