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Leviton Pin & Sleeve Non-Fused Mechanical Interlock Power Switch Panel 60A 600V 3? 460MI5W

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Product Description

Leviton 460MI5W watertight pin & sleeve non-fused mechanical interlock. The Inner Fins are Broken, but it should still be able to be used. Incorporates a disconnect safety switch and IEC receptacle in a non-metallic watertight enclosure. The interlock mechanism prevents making and breaking of power under load. The switch cannot be actuated to the ON position until an IEC compatible plug is fully inserted, and the plug cannot be removed until the switch is in the OFF position. IEC 309, 3-pole, 4-wire, grounding, rated 60A 600V 3-Phase. Features include:
  • Red pistol grip handle provides visual confirmation of switch's status
  • Integrated lockout handle
  • Pre-wired grounding plate connects to metal conduit grounding system
  • Liquid-tight conduit fitting can be installed for top or bottom feed; (1) 1-1/4" conduit fitting supplied
  • Factory installed auxiliary contact - normally open 10A
  • Color-coded receptacle cover indicates voltage rating of device and seals against water and other contaminants when not in use
  • Rugged hinge mechanism pivots 180? for easy access during installation and maintenance
  • Stainless steel screws are captive and will not fall out when cover is opened
  • Brass threaded inserts will not strip, provide higher torque, and form tighter seal between back box and cover
  • Impact, UV and chemical-resistant Valox enclosure
  • Generous wiring space for drip loop or top to bottom wiring
  • Circuit identification pad for means of identifying specific equipment loads

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