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Hubbell Watertight Pin & Sleeve Connector Female Plug 16A 200-250V 2P3W C316C6W

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Product Description

Hubbell C316C6W watertight pin and sleeve connector. The "C" prefix on this part number denotes Hubbell's C-IEC Series, an economy line of pin and sleeve devices for light-industrial applications. Commercial Grade, IEC 309, 2-pole, 3-wire, grounding, rated 16A 200-250V. Each is individually packaged; packaging may differ from photo. Features include:
  • External housing key on male devices mates with keyway on female devices to provide proper alignment and simplify the connection of devices. Keyway is always located at the 6 o’clock position and is clearly visible to the user, helping to prevent the mismating of devices with different ratings
  • Cable grip - internal strain relief protects the wiring by preventing conductor movement which can cause strain on terminals. The internal cable grip is designed to swing out of the way for easier wiring
  • Watertight multi-diameter sealing glands - for use with varying cable sizes insure a highly reliable seal at the cable entry to the device
  • Staggered contacts in female devices to assure protection of personnel and equipment. Oversized ground contact is farthest forward, assuring first make and last break of the ground for safety. Neutral contact is next to prevent the possibility of an “open neutral” condition that could result in an over-voltage condition at equipment. Phase contact is farthest back, making it last to make, first to break.
  • Gasketed cover and locking ring - The self-closing cover sits in a position that provides a weatherproof seal. Simply rotating the cover then locking it makes it watertight
  • Insulated housing - tough nylon provides increased safety and maximum impact and abuse resistance.
  • Color coding - all devices are color coded by voltage for quick visual identification of mating devices. Terminal identification - the ground and neutral terminals are clearly identified with large color coded markings for easy recognition.

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