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Back Wired Styles

A few years ago the manufacturing companies started making a change to their back-wired devices. Rather than making them with the holes in the back, they started putting brass straps under the terminal screws so the wire could be inserted under that clamp and then clamped down when the screw was tightened. That is the newer style of “back-wired”.

Vizia Scene Controller vs Zone Controller

The scene controller has different settings for the same lights, so you can have some that are full on, partially dimmed etc for different scenes.

The zone controller controls different zones so it doesn’t control the same set of lights. One zone could be all lights in the Living Room, Dining Room etc.

Screwless Plate Installation (new style and old style)

The way the items snap on is that the sub-plate is actually installed under the device (switch or receptacle).  If the mounting screws on the device are loosened enough, the subplate slides underneath the tab on the device.  Then by tightening the device screws, it holds the sub-plate.  The sub-plate is designed such that the cover can then be snapped on to it.

The old style would actually screw into the holes on the device that normally would hold the standard wallplate with tiny screws.  I believe a few years back, Leviton discontinued that type to make them truly “screwless”.  

It shouldn’t matter what brand of device you have, as long as a standard plate fits nicely and without any gaps between it and the wall, these screwless plates should do the same.

What is the difference between the old and new “enhanced” FastCam connectors?

OLD FastCam Connectors
Only can terminate onto 250/900um fiber   
Cleave length is 13mm for 900um and 10mm for 250um 
Non-VFL compatible    
0.2 dB for Insertion Loss

1 boot included

NEW FastCam Connectors

Terminate onto 250/900, 2mm,and 3mm fiber
Cleave length is 10.5mm for all termination
VFL-compatible to test for GO/NO-GO termination
0.1dbB for Insertion Loss

3 boots included

The cleave length is listed on the package.