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29ft AFL 144-Fiber Multi-Mode Sub-Unitized Premise MicroCore® Fiber Optic Cable

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Product Description

29 feet AFL 144-Fiber sub-unitized Premise MicroCore Cable. Sub-unitized Premise MicroCore Cables are ideal for high performance premise installations where space is a premium. The round cross-sectional building blocks combine to provide a tight package, while enabling high density architecture. Each 12-fiber sub-unit consists of 250 ┬Ám colored fibers and aramid strength members enclosed by a high performance jacket. The sub-units are designed to be independently routed in FMS systems. Features include:
  • In-building cable runs where space is a premium
  • Trunk applications where flexibility and small required bend radius are needed to route cable
  • High density cable areas like Data Centers and Central Offices
  • Lower cost cable runs where easy handling of tight buffered fibers not needed because cable will be spliced to factory terminated pigtails
  • Trunk cables where MTP can be directly terminated on subunits
  • Plenum NFPA 262 rated
  • Tested to meet or exceed EIA/TIA 568-B3, Telcordia GR-409-CORE and ANSI/ICEA S-83-596
  • Flexible dielectric FRP central strength member in four position
  • High performance PVC jacket
  • No preferential bend typically found in stacked ribbon designs
  • Small diameter/superior bend performance
  • All aramid tensile strength members within sub-units
  • Sub-units are suitable for direct termination with round boot MTP
  • Compliant to Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS)
  • Nominal Diameter: 0.69in
  • Tension Installation: 150lbs
  • Tension Long-Term: 45lbs
  • Bending Radius Installation: 10.4in
  • Bending Radius Long Term: 6.9in
  • Maximum Attenuation (DB/KM) 850 NM: 3.0
  • Maximum Attenuation (DB/KM) 1300 NM: 1.2
  • Maximum Attenuation (DB/KM) 1550 NM: N/A
  • Overfill Launch Min. Bandwidth (MHZ/KM) 850 NM : 700
  • Overfill Launch Min. Bandwidth (MHZ/KM) 1300 NM : 500
  • EMBc (MHZ/KM): 950
  • Gigabit Ethernet min. Link Distance (Meters) 850 NM: 800
  • Gigabit Ethernet min. Link Distance (Meters) 1300 NM: 550
  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet min. Link Distance (Meters) 850 NM: 150
  • 50/125?m multimode Laser-Link 150
  • Tight Buffer Type: Bare
  • AFL standard print

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